Call for a Mastermind Group to Gather

Who wants to read and think through the Master Key System with me?
Do fill in the form and I will get back to you.

We will proceed by meeting in a live video conference once a week on Sunday morning having read the chapter for the week. I will pull a few quotes from the reading to start us off in a free wheeling conversations on what occurs to us from the weeks reading,
I will also post my reflections on each lesson from my first reading.
I suggest that we all do the recommended practice at the end of each chapter.

This is my first quote from the forward for our first sessions discussion.

The “Master Key” is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader.

Every thing and institution we see around us, created by human agency, had first to exist as a thought in some human mind. Thought therefore is constructive. Human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating through its creature man. “The Master Key” instructs the reader how to use that power, and use it both constructively and creatively. The things and conditions we desire to become realities we must first create in thought. “The Master Key” explains and guides the process.

This was my first blog post on beginning my first reading

I am experiencing my resistance to opening the door to the world within. The light I’m glimpsing from the crack under the door is already blindingly bright. I realize I had always thought that consciousness was the world within. Reading part one of the Master Key is showing me that I was wrong. Consciousness is only the reflection of the outer world. It’s really a copy of a copy.

Hey, this is beginning to sound like Plato’s cave allegory. Plato and Socrates got it! The world within in Haanel’s terms is really going out of the cave in Plato’s allegory .Because we are so accustomed to the darkness of the cave the light from the inner world or source is going to be blinding when we first set foot outside the cave or open the door to the world within.

We can understand this epiphany in terms of quantum theory. Quantum tubular orchestration within the marrow of our brain neurons is tuned to cosmic quantum vibration. Brain waves are the manifestation of our brain/mind rhythms. These rhythms reveal our state of mind and are either healthy or impaired. The brain/mind can alter its rhythms and improve its mental state if allowed to bypass conscious interference which only re-creates the brains imbalance. Could it be that the Master Key System and The Master Key Master Mind Alliance fosters what Zen masters take a lifetime to achieve, that is, by following this system and being in harmony with the alliance we will connect our brain/ mind to cosmic consciousness and attain a state of harmony and bliss.

From The Master Key to Success

The reason I am inviting you to read or reread the Master Key System together with me as a mastermind group is the profound effect this book has had on me. I truly believe that it offers the key to unlock the doors to our success.
My first attempt at reading the book was under the guidance of Mark Januszewski and MKMMA The Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Simon Templeton of
Psi-Tek is making the book available to us.

These are his recommendations for reading which we will follow;
The Master Key System has altered the path of countless lives since it was first published in 1912. And, with the advent of the internet, it is now transforming lives across the globe on an accelerating basis.

Because I’ve read this book so many times over my life, almost to the point of memorizing every part of it, I hope you’ll consider me qualified to give you a little bit of advice about it before you get started…

Most importantly…go slowly – VERY slowly.

There will be a great temptation to rush through this book and read multiple parts per week, instead of just one.

There will be a great temptation to ignore sentences you don’t quite understand instead of re-reading them again.

There will be a great temptation to skip the study questions at the end of each lesson.

But most of all, there will be a HUGE temptation to avoid doing the weekly exercises.

If you can resist these temptations, a new world awaits you…a world of joy, power and abundance. It is a world for which there are truly no words to do it justice. Once you have experienced it, you will never want to go back.

So I strongly urge you to treat your study of The Master Key System with the utmost seriousness.

This is not just a book, this is a life-changing experience…IF you let it.

I promise you that everything you are looking for in life lies within these pages but it’s up to YOU to unlock the secrets.

That’s just the way the Universe works. We can only show you a path – it’s ultimately your choice whether you wish to see what lies at the end of it.

So, I urge you again…take it slowly and take it seriously.

You might even find it helpful to study with friends (whether online or offline) so that you can keep each other motivated to carry on going. Just tell them where the Master Key System sign-up page is and we’ll do the rest.

All the best,
Simon Templeton

Simon goes on to say:

There are many today who claim The Master Key System is the greatest personal-development book ever written.

It is simply one of the finest studies in personal power, metaphysics, and prosperity consciousness that exists.

And The Master Key System was among the first books to use the phrase Law of Attraction, which has become such a popular term today when referring to the most powerful force in the universe.

Covering everything from how to create abundance and wealth to how to get healthy, the author Charles F Haanel leaves no stone unturned.

With precision, he elucidates on each topic with logic and rigor that not only leaves you feeling good, but also thinking good.

The book was banned by the Church in 1933 and has been hidden away for decades.

Rumor has it that while he was attending Harvard University, Bill Gates discovered and read The Master Key System. It was this book that inspired the future founder of Microsoft to drop out of the University and pursue his dream of “a computer on every desktop.” You probably know the results…

It is Silicon Valley’s secret that almost every entrepreneur who made a fortune in recent years did so by studying the words Mr. Haanel penned around 100 years ago! Almost every millionaire and billionaire in the Valley read The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. Since this book was no longer in print until recently, copies of The Master Key System became a hot commodity in the Valley.

The book was also one of the major inspirations behind the hit movie known as “The Secret” and is now known to have inspired the writing of the world’s most famous success book Think And Grow Rich.

I will post a weekly blog and hold a weekly live video conference to kick off our discussion of The Master Key System

I trust you will find our discussions of value and that as we delve more into the Key we will find ways to bring value to others.