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Magnetic Video Marketing Secrets #1

Secrets of Magnetic Video Marketing

In this series of posts I will be sharing   the Video Marketing secrets  and strategies that I am learning from Pallab Ghosal’s and Dexter Paglinawn’s excellent Magnetic Video Marketing Course.

They define Video marketing  as the use of video content to educate people, promote an individual, brand, product or service.
Video marketing  is used  to create brand awareness, market presence or  for simply promoting or selling  products or services.
Video marketing is mostly done free and we are going to be focusing on free methods.  Magnetic Video Marketing shows you how  to create and rank your video contents almost overnight (even if you have never done a single video before) using some top notch secrets that even top marketers have no clue about.

I will also be discussing  the advantages and disadvantages of passive video marketing vs active video marketing. The best marketers use a combination of  both.

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